2019 Honda Clarity Electric Florence SC

side view of a silver 2019 Honda Clarity Electric

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about a new electric vehicle? Do you get worried about not having enough horsepower and torque? Do you get worried about being stranded in the middle of nowhere because your battery unexpectedly died? Do your legs involuntarily cramp up because you remember sitting in older electric vehicles that had about as much passenger space as a clown car? Honestly, all of those reactions are understandable given the history of electric vehicles, but that’s all going to change once we get the 2019 Honda Clarity Electric here at Cale Yarborough Honda in Florence, SC.

That’s because the 2019 Clarity Electric takes all the stereotypes electric vehicles have gained over the years and throws them out the window. Instead, the 2019 Honda Clarity Electric forges a new path forward, one that features impressive power, a spacious interior, and a dynamic and fun to drive nature. And if you’d like to experience this for yourself, come on in for a test drive right here at Cale Yarborough Honda.

Examining the Electric Powertrain of the 2019 Honda Clarity Electric at Cale Yarborough Honda in Florence SC

Make sure to strap yourselves in for this one, as you’re not going to believe what’s under the hood of the new 2019 Honda Clarity Electric – and you’re certainly not going to believe your eyes when you read that the 2019 Clarity Electric provides you with a max horsepower rating of 161 and a max torque rating of 221 pound-feet.

That’s right, those power numbers are what you’re getting with an electric vehicle – though we did mention before that there isn’t an electric vehicle quite like the 2019 Honda Clarity Electric. But how does the 2019 Clarity Electric achieve those power ratings? Well, it features a Coaxial-Type High-Output Electric Motor paired with a lithium-ion battery and a fixed, single-speed, direct-drive transmission complete with Sport Mode and Shift-by-Wire capabilities.

If you’d like more information on the 2019 Honda Clarity Electric and everything that comes along with it, please reach out to our friendly Cale Yarborough Honda staff here in Florence, SC.