2018 Honda Fit Florence SC

Unless you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, then there are probably concessions you make in your weekly budget in order to afford you with looser purse strings on the weekends. Maybe it is something as simple as bringing a brown bag lunch once a week to work or joining the company carpool for one week a month, whatever it is, you do it so your free time is a little freer. Now imagine that you could save that extra bit of cash and you didn’t have to sit next to Carl from accounting with the nauseating coffee breath on the morning carpool commute. With the efficient and versatile 2018 Honda Fit, you can say goodbye to Carl and the claustrophobic carpool and say hello to the spacious and gas-sipping Honda Fit. If you are looking for interior versatility that allows you to go from hauling everything you need for your next DIY project to getting all the neighborhood kids to soccer practice on time, then step into the 2018 Honda Fit in Florence, SC and win the day.

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Performance Technology Style
1.5L In-Line 4-Cylinder Engine Push Button Start Heated Front Seats
6-Speed Manual or Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ Illuminated Door Sill and Ambient Interior Lighting
130 Horsepower Multi-Angle Rear View Camera 16” Alloy Wheels
113 LB-FT Torque Bluetooth Connectivity LED Fog Lights

The graph above bullet points the main performance, technology and style aspects of the 2018 Honda Fit.

Versatility & Efficiency

The 2018 Honda Fit offers exceptional interior versatility with its 2nd-Row Magic Seat® that has four distinct configurations: utility, long, tall and refresh. Utility Mode folds the rear seats completely flat and provides the 2018 Honda Fit with 52 cubic feet of overall cargo space. Long Mode utilizes the 60/40 rear split seat capability and makes it possible for long cargo and passengers to fit side by side with ease. With the Tall Mode, the rear seats head rests get removed and the rear seats fold up to create four feet of vertical space to accommodate taller items that can’t lay flat. Finally, Refresh Mode lays the front seats flat and allows the rear seat backs to recline, providing space to relax or even take a nap if needed. The extreme versatility of the 2018 Honda Fit is only outdone by its fuel efficiency. When the 2018 Honda Fit’s 1.5L 4-Cylinder engine is paired with the 6-Speed manual transmission it averages 36 MPG on the highway and 29 MPG through the city; when equipped with the CVT the 2018 Fit achieves 40 MPG highway and 33 MPG city driving. Save time and money with the 2018 Honda Fit’s interior versatility and engine efficiency, take it for a test drive and experience the difference today.

Front Passenger seats of the 2018 Honda Fit
Profile view of the front passenger seats of the 2018 Honda Fit
Rear seats folded flat in the rear of the 2018 Honda Fit
Rear seats folded up in the 2018 Honda Fit